I went an entire week without internet and lived...(barely)


Just a preface for anyone visiting this blog....
It's going to be fairly unstructured. There may be run on sentences. Grammar? no. I'm starting this blog off with a sense that it's just a stream of consciousness for me to reflect on what I've been digesting. Maybe that structure will change but just warning you for now.

Finally moved into an apartment - got settled - had my partners parents in town with pups in tow - slept on an air mattress for a few days - replaced it with a Leesa mattress and a Floyd bed (so style) - got internet yesterday after burning through a collective 4GB of data between the two of us so we could watch that one Netflix documentary that we kept falling asleep through. 

I went to the Strand about a week ago and actually found another book to start reading. I'm a few chapters into the new book, The Architecture of Happiness and I'm hooked on it! I feel like it's common sense to know that the space around you influences behavior or feeling (or maybe that's the introvert in me) but it's interesting to read about from another point of view. I'm not sure that I've ever actively thought about the spaces I'm surrounded by but I feel like this is the perfect time to read this book having just moved into a new apartment.

Went to my first NY meet up yesterday with a friend that is organized by an old friend. It was nice to meet with fellow creatives and just sit around and talk about jobs, Destiny's Child, and vintage t-shirt collections. I talked a lot about how I've been trying to cope with imposter syndrome. Maybe to a fault, but it was nice to talk about it with people who have already been in the field and could offer some encouragement. 


Davy Duyver inspo found on AIGA - color palette and type

Davy Duyver inspo found on AIGA - color palette and type

Tylee Marsh