Digesting The Architecture of Happiness


An overarching theme in this book it seems is the nature of trends. So far, about 150 pages in, I’ve read and written down quotes that span different points in the stylistic evolution of architecture but the rhetoric is similar to what I already know about the rest of the world.

It’s interesting to see it in a different context, one that I’m not as familiar with, but I’ve been focusing on the similarities I see between how design evolves stylistically and the evolution of architecture. Alain de Botton brings up an interesting point about how we want architecture and the environment we are placing ourselves in to speak some truth to us about ourselves or what we would like to be. I think that this is definitely an important ideal in the design world because we are communicating a message to reach people and maybe say something about them that will resonate with your visual design.


A quote that I found interesting:

“Fidelity to the Canon” pg. 32
I found this particularly interesting because I’ve been thinking about trendy design recently and what that means. I don’t necessarily design with the trend in mind because it may not be applicable to the prompt at hand but I see a lot of designers today making a lot of great work that is very trendy and I find myself wondering if I shot myself in the foot because I didn’t practice my way into a trend of if they have shot themselves in the foot because the popularity of trendy design will inevitably wane.

I guess to be fair, we probably both shot ourselves in the foot. Maybe we can join our bad feet together and win a three legged race. That’d be funny. And collaborative!


Last bit - I went to the AIGA release party for their Psych publication. TRENDY DESIGN AF. It’s so beautiful and I love every part of it. I drank something called a “This is not a kool-aide test” and had heartburn for like 6 hours. But I also learned all about my astrological quirks and had my face painted so it was worth it.

Tylee Marsh