What to use this blog for

  • mostly for myself

  • inspiration

  • my drawings

  • my photos

  • reflection on design books

  • things i'm learning

  • process photos from my portfolio projects

  • etc?

Starting a new book today in the midst of applying for jobs, getting ready to move into my new apartment, working on a creative project for a friends music project, exploring Bushwick, and working on my website/refinements of projects. It's a book recommended by Brian Collins from Collins design. It was one of two recommended in an interview article I read and I hope to get to both of them before the summer is over. title: Change by Design by Tim Brown.


Adding some photos I found on my computer today that I had forgotten about because I still don't know how to write a blog post for myself. Seems like it should include so many different types of content so that I get thoroughly confused later.


Tylee Marsh