Quotes and notes


Since my last post, I have finished the Architecture of Happiness, read Breakfast of Champions, and restarted House of Leaves. I love and also hate how parts of House of Leaves read like an art history crit. Pick up some fiction they said, it’ll be fun. (it is though)

While I was reading Architecture of Happiness, I found myself making a ton of notes and underlining passages because they really resonated with me. I’m using this post to document some of those and my thoughts on a few of them.

P44 “…entrepreneurs with a penchant for variety and whimsy.” The context for this was an architectural rebellion of sorts, moving away from Classical tradition to focus on playfulness. This sentiment resonated with me though because it seems like a perfect definition for graphic designers. Literally, I could not put it better myself.

P57 “…romantic cobwebs.” that’s all.

P145 “Yet the term ‘propaganda’ refers to the promotion of any doctrine or set of beliefs and in and of itself should carry no negative connotations. That the majority of such promotion has been in the service of odious political and commercial agendas is more an accident of history than any fault of the word.” Interesting interpretation of a term that I had always considered a negative thing. In essence, propaganda is just using the resources it has to direct us towards something, communication of an idea or set of ideals.

P153 “Finding things beautiful naturally invites us to imagine that we will remain loyal to our feelings.” This almost made me laugh out loud because I was reminded of how true this is by recalling the time I told my mom that I was going to love Hot Topic forever. IT’S NOT A PHASE. It is interesting though, when we find something beautiful, it doesn’t feel fleeting. I would say that while some things will be beautiful to me forever, like nature, my tastes will continue to change and I welcome the chance to reflect on that and see how I grow.

P154 “Our impressions of beauty continually swing between stylistic polarities: between the restrained and the exuberant; the rustic and the urban; the feminine and the masculine — leading us ruthlessly to abandon objects to expire in junk shops at every swerve.”
A L S O —
“Why do we change our minds about what we find beautiful?” Just a question here…how will the internet affect stylistic trends in the future? Will it be the same sort of cyclical nature that it has always been just though a different medium? Will it be a weird combination of things because of the near unlimited access to an incredible amount of visual history? How did trends cycle before the internet?

P160 “We can expect that the nation which has gone the farthest towards unnaturalness would have to be touched most strongly by the phenomenon of the naive.” You want what you don’t have? The grass is always greener? Remember the good ol’ days? Wait, this is actually kind of cool?

P218 “…beauty is the child of the coherent relationship between parts.” Beauty, or successful design, has a delicate and deliberate (usually) relationship between opposing aesthetic rules. Big and small; chaos and order; sharp and soft…etc

Below are a few sketches I’ve worked on this month, just exploring some mixed media things!

Tylee Marsh